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I’m Bree. Which is short for Breeanna.
I’m 29 and live in Missouri.
Last year I started becoming very ill very often. Doctors tried everything from crohns testing to thyroid.
Finally I began to develop muscle fatigue, shaking, cellulitis, and other infections.
Some days I’m not strong enough to properly get out of bed and function.
All signs point to an autoimmune disorder. Which one? We don’t know yet.
I begin monthly blood tests next month.
I am currently battling 2 skin infections and fighting off fluid in my lungs. Fluid often leads to infection for me. This is bad news, as I am asthmatic. I get monthly breathing treatments.

I’m asking Tumblr for help because, even with my insurance, this is all very expensive. Doctors. Urgent care. Medications. Treatments.
Its become hard to pay my rent or buy groceries.

I created a go fund me to raise money for my bills: http://www.gofundme.com/breesmedicalfund
I also have PayPal - Marchingduck@gmail.com

Donations help me pay growing doctor bills, copays, my medication cost, and heaven forbid, an ER visit.

I’m working hard to beat this and get my life back. I had dreams of coming back to drum corps with DCA. That dream is impossible with my illness.

If you can’t donate, I understand. Please consider sharing my story.

If you’re wondering about the photos, those were taken my last urgent care visit. Middle 2 are just me being me…and the bottom 2 are my life. Monthly breathing treatments and 12 pills a day.

I want my 30th birthday in December to be a celebration of my life and my health. But to get there its going to be a long road.

Tumblr…I need your help.

please keep sharing my post.
I am still far from out of my medical debt hole.
And I have more meds as of today and a doctor visit Thursday.

I need all the help I can get!!

Today was rough.
These new antibiotics give me a horrible headache. Advil got me through the day.
My legs hurt. My back hurts.
I’m nauseous.

Please keep sharing my posts. I still need a lot of help. Even just $2 a person can add up fast.

Doctor in the morning…then work. I’ll post her findings tomorrow.

Last time before bed.
Spread this like crazy!!!

Oh shit ok disregard my financial problems

Please donate to this

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