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Hi guys. Many of you may not know this but my brother has cerebral palsy which makes him unable to move on his own. He’s 26 years old and he weights around 150 pounds, and he depends on my parents. They’re trying to raise money to buy a van that has a ramp for his wheelchair because my parents are already getting old ( my mom is 59 and my dad is 60) and it’s getting more and more difficult to carry my brother to places since they have to take him off his wheelchair, put him in the car and then put his wheelchair in the trunk of the car and then repeat the same thing once it’s time to get down. Any donation counts and if you guys don’t have any money I would appreciate it if you guys reblogged the link so that it can spread to as many places as possible. Thank you and here’s the link! http://www.gofundme.com/kuhlqo

Please reblog!

Please reblog guys the more attention this can get the better. Any donation matters even if it’s 50 cents.

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